14 Must Have BBQ Grill and Smoker Accessories

bbq grill accessories

Cooking can be more efficient and enjoyable if you have a set of grilling tools.

A combination of the right barbeque tools can take your grilling to the next level. So, it’s necessary to invest in grilling accessories because a delicious barbecue calls for quality BBQ grill and smoker accessories.

From heat resistant gloves, grilling tongs to thermometers, these are must-have accessories that will help you out by making your cooking much easier than you thought.

Well, now you may be wondering what kind of accessories you need when grilling, below is a list of the best grilling BBQ tools you can use:

1. Instant Read Thermometer

Instant read meat thermometer

When barbecuing, avoid the disappointments of serving your guests barely cooked food by getting yourself a meat thermometer.

The instant-read thermometer is the best tool in controlling meat temperatures and you will be sure to accomplish the best in your grilling experience. The simple to use thermometer is very effective as it allows one to quickly test temperatures at different points.

With an instant-read thermometer, your meat is cooked to the required temperature. This is essential in protecting your health and that of the other people who consume the food that you prepare.

Now, you can relax knowing that with just a glance you tell the temperature of the piece of meat that you are cooking. A good instant-read thermometer gives the easiest way of checking meat temperature in the kitchen.

The instant-read thermometer has a screen that automatically turns on once you touch it, and the temperature readings are clearly visible. With this, you can always tell at what temperature you are grilling your meat. It’s one of those accessories that you should have for barbecuing as it reads temperatures instantly.

Our recommendation: ThermoPro Digital Instant Read Thermometer

2. Remote Digital Thermometer

Thermopro Tp20 wireless remote thermometer

Having an accurate grill/smoker thermometer gives the perfect BBQ. There is no room for disappointments at all, as the smoker thermometer consistently helps you in controlling the temperature of your grill remotely.

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Serving dry or overcooked meat will be a thing of the past. Simplify the control of your smoke in the kitchen by getting your hands on a quality remote digital thermometer.

Just like any other form of cooking, smoking meat requires accuracy, especially in controlling temperature. A smoker thermometer not only helps you in getting the temperature you need to cook, but also allows monitor temperatures without having to hover over your grill all the time. Your meat will cook evenly and thoroughly leaving a smile on your face. This thermometer would be the best for someone planning to cook different meat dishes.

Once you have purchased a smoker thermometer, you are now ready to have the best grilling experience.

Our recommendation: ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Thermometer

3. Chimney Fire Starter

Weber chimney fire starter

A charcoal chimney starter is one of the best tools you can buy for your grill. Unlike lighter fluids, which produce smelly fumes that can mess up with your food flavor, the starter is very convenient and makes the lighting of your charcoal enjoyable.

When lighting, you can either use newspapers or a lighter cube to light up the coals. You can easily tell when the coals are ready for pouring once those on top have started to turn gray with some ash.

The fire starters are well designed and have two strong handles for easier handling of the hot charcoal. They are easy to use and all you need to do is to remove the grate from your grill, fill the cylinder with the charcoal of your desired choice, and then set then lit up the charcoal. Then the fire will begin burning the charcoal and you will see the flames will growing upwards. After about 10 to 15 minutes, the coal should be ready and you can pour it into the grill.

Our recommendation: Weber 7429 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

4. Long Grilling Tongs

long grilling tongs

A grilling tong is an essential piece of kit for any BBQ kitchen. The tongs provide a suitable grip for holding food hence eliminating the use of an additional spatula. They protect your hands from heat when flipping your pieces of meat. This can save you the embarrassment that would result from dropping off the food in the presence of your guests due to excessive heat while you are serving. The grilling accessories are durable enough and you can use them over and over.

The high-quality tongs can take on the weight of heavier pieces of meat without bending or even breaking. Once you are done, all you need to do is clean them place them in a safe place for your next BBQ.

The highly durable and easy to store tongs are a perfect choice for anybody who loves grilling. Made from stainless steel, the tong offers comfort all day long during your grilling sessions.

Their flexible handle provides additional control to your tongs keeping you safely protected from heat. These tongs have a suitable length that keeps your hands protected at all times.

Long grill tongs make an ideal choice for protecting your hands from hot grills. This reduces the chances of getting burned. Additionally, their length makes it easier to flip over between cuts on the grill.

Our recommendation: GrillPro 40269 20-Inch Professional Extra Long Tong

5. Heat Resistant Gloves

heat resistant gloves

Heat resistant gloves are helpful for any grill enthusiast. Made of different materials, they are ideal for handling grill grates, hot coals, and any other dry or hot item.

The barbeque gloves are affordably designed and to cover your arms all the way up to the elbow. For a great barbecue experience, consider purchasing a pair of heat resistant grill gloves. The gloves can provide protection for your hands because of their ability to withstand high temperatures.

No matter the size of meat you planning to grill, the gloves provide maximum protection. They are easy to use, clean and store. Protect yourself and family members from heat using the heat resistant gloves. They are a must have in the kitchen.

Go ahead and get yourself the perfect kitchen gloves for all your entire grilling needs. You need the right BBQ gloves to protect yourself from intensive heat coming from your grill.

Our recommendation: BBQ Heat Resistant Gloves from GRILL HEAT AID

6. BBQ grill brush

Kona bbq grill brush

Whether you are a seasonal grill master or all-round grill enthusiast, cleaning your grill after using it is vital.

Cleaning scrapes away bits of food and soot that may have accumulated on the sides, top or on the bottom of the grill. Grill cleaning is a safety concern and shouldn’t be ignored at any given moment. The residue which builds up on your grill contains carcinogens that might cause health implications on your body.

The leftovers from the previous grilling can also be dangerous when consumed. Thorough cleaning of your grill also helps prevents corrosion and rusting, which can cause additional health risks to your body.

Food tastes better when it’s prepared on a sparkling clean grill. When you use a BBQ grill brush, you will have a clean grill top and you will be ready to prepare and enjoy safe and tasty food.

Our recommendation: Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

7. Grill Cover

A grill is a useful item that costs money. Protect and maintain your outdoor grill with a grill cover. Extend the life of the grill by using a durable cover and always ensure to cover your grill after use after it has cooled down. The covers protect your grill thus prolonging its lifespan.

Additionally, they help in keeping the grill clean, dry, and maintain its look. If you still want to have your grill in place for years to come, it is essential to take good care of it.

One of the most convenient ways of helping your barbecue work and look like it did on the first day is investing in a high-quality grill cover.

If at any given time you do not want your barbeque grill to get dirty, fade, or get scratched then consider covering it. Keep dust and dirt off the outside of your grill and prevent water from rusting out the metal pieces on the grill. These grill covers are easy to install and typically last for many years.

When selecting a grill cover that fits snugly, make sure you check the measurements of your grill. Moreover, you can get a cover that is specifically designed according to the make and model of your BBQ grill. Don’t hesitate anymore, now it’s time to protect your grill. Help in protecting your barbecue from extreme weather conditions by purchasing a grill cover of your choice.

8. Grill Cleaner Set

A complete BBQ grill cleaning kit offers a better method when it comes to cleaning and protecting your grill. Cleaning your grill and eliminates dust, grease, left-overs, or any other elements leaving your grill sparkling. A grill cleaner set aims at improving cleaning in the kitchen by taking it to another level.

We all know that grilling can be messy. In the mix of grilling on open flames cooking grates get covered in dirt. Since grilling grates are usually bulky, they are difficult to carry for cleaning in the sink. The effective solution to this is using a grill brush. This is one of the must-have grill cleaner sets for your barbeque grilling season.

Whatever cleaning tool you choose to buy, all you want is a clean environment before cooking again.

For example, when it comes to removing food left over’s from the grates, choose a long brush with a cleaner head that can be easily grasped giving ample support while cleaning. You can consider a brush where you can remove and replace heads. Maintain your grill by scrubbing away grit and dirt from your grill using the right grill cleaner kit.

9. Quality Cutting Board

wooden cutting board

A quality cutting board is a must-have companion in the kitchen. Whether you are planning to chop some vegetables, prepare a garnish or carving meat, you need a perfectly working cutting board.

Consider selecting a board with enough space for chopping or slicing, and one that can easily be cleaned and stored. Moreover, it should be in a position to withstand stains and odors as well as handling slippery foods.

Since there are different types of cutting boards available in the market. When buying a cutting board for your kitchen, make sure that you choose one that is durable. Additionally, look out for a board that is kind to your knives and one that will not become a breeding ground for bacteria – opt for a wooden cutting board.

Cutting boards are specially meant to protect items in the kitchen from scratches. And while the cutting boards come in a number of numerous shapes, sizes, and materials, the best board should allow you to cut anything you desire to cut from vegetables to raw meat with ease.

Our recommendation: SoulFino Bamboo Butcher Block

10. Meat Injectors

meat injector

Injecting a piece of meat is the most convenient way of adding flavor as well as moisture to smoked or grilled food.

A meat injector is a syringe-like tool useful for marinating meat with moisture or flavor. This indeed makes a perfect choice for boosting the flavor of any kind of meat for your dish from fish, pork chicken. The sharp and durable needles are specially designed to allow easier penetration and even distribution of heat making every bite get an appealing flavor.

If you want the most delicious flavor the solution lies in using meat injectors. A great injector should have a sharp tip and one that should easily removable. For health reasons, a quick and easy-to-use quality injector should also be dishwasher-safe. Get the most out of a meat injector by infusing your favorite grill sauces and marinades.

Simply dipping meat in the marinade and leave it overnight allows only the outer part of the meat to absorb flavors. Once the marinade is placed on the heat for cooking in the oven the flavor runs out. But with a meat injector, you deeply place the marinade in the meat, allowing for even distribution of flavors.

Our recommendation: Stainless Steel 2.3-oz BBQ Injection Kit from Cave tools

11. BBQ Grill Basket

bbq grill basket

Grilling your favorite dish can come with its challenges including burning out hence becoming difficult to retrieve. But the solution lies with using a grill basket. Grilling vegetables or small pieces of meat can pose a big challenge. Placing them in a grill basket puts them in an enclosed area thus protecting them from slipping.

Typically, grill baskets are designed to withstand high grill temperatures. Moreover, they make it easier for one to transport the food that you have cooking prepared.

When you have a barbecue grill basket you don’t need to worry about small pieces of meat or vegetable falling off the grate. They are easy and safe for use as well as storing and the next time you go out for shopping grab a grill basket and make your grilling experience enjoyable.

Our recommendation: Weber 6471 Original Stainless Steel Basket

12. Rib Rack

weber rib rack

Grilling ribs really takes up a lot of space. A rib rack offers a simple solution when it comes to grilling ribs. The rack utilizes the space on your grill effectively, you can even go ahead get yourself more than one rack, and place the ribs vertically. This makes excessive fat easily drip off. By positioning the ribs in the rib rack, the meat get perfectly cooked which is essentially very healthy for consumption.

Rib racks are specially designed to allow easier penetration of air thus ensuring each and every rib is evenly cooked. Their frames are made of stainless steel and are durable. They are capable of holding large pieces of meat and are ideal for barbeque grilling.

Additionally, they are fitted with strong handles and can easily be moved around. Its non-stick coating feature ensures that your ribs are not stuck at any given time. Moreover, the rib rack can be used for roasting purposes.

Our recommendation: Weber 6605 Original Rib Rack

13. BBQ Grill Mats

bbq grill mat

Dropping food between grill grates can be very irritating, but with a BBQ grill mat, there is no need to worry. These grill mats play an essential role when it comes to cleanliness in the kitchen and it is one of those grilling accessories you would never want to miss in your kitchen.

They come in different sizes and you can comfortably choose one that best suits you, and if by any chance it doesn’t fit well, you can cut it to your desired size.

BBQ grill mats are ideal for handling delicate foods like fish as well as sliced vegetables that could slip away through the grill grate. You can also use a grill mat on a backyard barbecue or on camping grounds. The BBQ grilling mats are perfect grilling accessories for providing fresh grilled flavor.

Our recommendation: Kona BBQ Grill Mat

14. Barbecue Grill Light

bbq grill light

During an outdoor BBQ grilling, a barbecue grill light can provide instant lighting. These lights keep the grilling on the move even after the sun has gone down.

This outdoor BBQ tool gives a touch to a grill by providing a beam of light directly on the cooking. The light is useful as it helps one from undercooking or overcooking your steak. A grill light also helps offers adequate protection against burns.

Most of the BBQ grill lights are battery-powered. Thus, there is no need of worrying about getting an outdoor electrical outlet near your grill. The lights are bright enough and shine for long hours.

Some have additional features including adjustable brightness settings to working with a specific type of grill. Once you think of buying a grill light make sure you read its specifications to see the light features it offers.

Our recommendation: Grilluminator BBQ Grill Light-Ultra Bright

What are your favorite BBQ tools?

Here are the rundown of 14 best BBQ tools that you must add in your arsenal, if you would like to mention your favorite tools please let us know in the comments.